The study on Dual Use Materials – Addressing dual-use issues in enabling technologies research is funded by the European Commission’s DG GROW under the framework contract no. 575/PP/2016/FC.

This study is developed for the European Commission, Directorate General for Research & Innovation Directorate D – Industrial Technologies Unit D3 – Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies

The study aims to identify best practices and elaborate a methodology to recognise and tackle dual use (DU) matters in enabling technologies research. It will analyse the potential and value of DU research and support the better exploitation of project outcomes in materials research, addressing the issue of how to make best use of research with civil application for military purposes and vice-versa.  

Overall, the main objective is to evaluate the preconditions for the implementation of an effective dual-use research approach for the EU in order to facilitate innovation; reduce costs; and increase benefits to society, through improved employment opportunities and enhanced safety and security. 

Specific objectives of the study include: 

  • Develop an on-line repository of DU guidelines – Mapping of existing guidelines (H2020, European Defence Agency (EDA), best practices); 
  • Engage with the beneficiaries of projects that are DU-related (and/or their coordinators) in a structured way, including detailed consultations to aid in the development of the methodology; 
  • Train, mentor and provide guidance to beneficiaries of projects with DU potential; and 
  • Develop a methodology with clear guidelines on how to make best use of DU potential after the end of (DU-related) enabling technologies projects.